Aveyond 2 PC Cheats

Rating 4

Sari Desert: Hidden gold

At the lower left corner of the map, when you get to the shore, go down and search the cliff side.

Rating 3

Magic Express

The Magic Express is the same as the traveling runes in the original Aveyond, allowing you to rapidly travel to different locations. A switch must be activated at the destination before you can travel there. Thus you can only use the Magical Express to return to places you have already visited.

Rating 3

Donation reward

Donate 10 coins to the donation box. The reward may be a sphere that enables Lya to learn the most useful spells.

Rating 1

Easy gold

Pick up all treasure chest items and items dropped from killed monsters, then sell the items that you do not need.

Rating 0

Woodlands: Hidden armor

From Ryva, follow the river left and fight two chickens. Then, search the cliff side on the lower left corner of the map.

Rating 0

Attraction points

Attraction points are rewarded for the following items:

  • Love Spell (Happily Ever After)
  • Gold Ring (Calder)
  • Calliopes Wand (Bogwood)
  • Silk Ribbon from Lenora (Candar)
  • Kitten (Candar, if you own Grimm's Farm)

Rating 0

Alternate endings

  • Go with Iya (romantic ending)
With this option Ean and Iya will return to Elfwood. For the romantic ending (5 attraction points required), go to Candar and Ean and Iya will get married at the chapel. Return to Elfwood for a second wedding and the game's ending. The characters will then live happily ever after.

  • Go with Rye
Ean and Rye can travel to Thais and enter the service of the king having many adventures for many years to come. Iya will return to Elfwood and live happily ever after.

  • Go alone
Knowing he can never return to the Vale, Ean will watch as Rye and Iya depart. There is no ending for the "go alone" option, as you are now able to roam the lands, possibly visiting Emma and Rye in Thais. After this, Ean lives happily ever after.

Rating 0

Spire Mountains: Hidden weapons

From the place you enter, look at the cliff side and three trees above you. Look for the cliff side near the top tree.

Rating 0

Green Weed Plains:Level up

Go to the lower left corner of the map and go above a chest, where two bears walk around and search the cliff side above the tree. Pull the lever in there to get a level up for the entire party.

Rating 0

Easy experience

After fighting a monster, move to another map then quickly move back to the original map. The monster should have respawned and can be killed again for experience.

Rating 0

Ean's spells

Ean's magical abilities come from wooden transfigurines that are obtained after defeating Bosses. Each transfigurine allows Ean to change into that creature and assume its magical abilities.

Rating 0


Sell food items instead of using them to heal. Only use food to restore HP or MP in tight situations when you are not in a town. Elixirs can heal full HP. Traveling to and sleeping at inn can heal everything.