Azada: Ancient Magic PC Cheats

Rating 3

Changing rules

Carefully read the instructions, even for games that you already played. The rules may have changed. For instance, in the "pawns" game you are asked at first to end up with four pawns. Later you are instructed to only have two pawns.

Rating 1


Go back to the parlor to replay any completed mini game.

Rating 0

Magic Orbs

Save your magic orbs for puzzles that you have to skip. They are rare, so use them smartly.

Rating 0

Bonus level

Check behind the portrait of Titus in the main hall to find a safe. Click on the buttons on the safe to spell "MAGIC BOOK" and unlock "The Creature" bonus level.

Rating 0

Skipping puzzles

When you get stuck on a puzzle, click the book icon and go to another page. Complete the easiest puzzles first then return to the more difficult ones.