Backyard Football 2004 PC Cheats

Rating 2

Make Mr. Clanky's head fall off

Select Mr. Clanky to go on your team then let the other team score a touchdown.

Rating 2

Bonus players

Enter REELSTARZ as a coach name to unlock new players like Randy Moss and Terrel Owens.

Rating 2

Secret power-up

For a secret power-up, get a custom player in the Hall Of Fame in the top ten in rushing.

Rating 2

Thor Herring

Have a custom player get 500 rushing yards in one game to get Thor Herring.

Rating 1

Recommended player

A good lineup includes Marshall Faulk. He is fast enough to outrun a player that is about to tackle him.

Rating 0

Zoo stadium

Win the BFL championship game to unlock the Zoo stadium.

Rating 0

Perfect player

Enter THOR HERRINGTON as a name when creating a player in Season mode. Enter 03/01or March 1st as a birthday and set him to throw right-handed to make him have all perfect skills.

Rating 0

Super team

In season play and when you are selecting players, scroll down to the very bottom. Look for a blank face with a question mark. Click it and when you get to your skills, make one skill maxed out. The other skills don't matter much. Do the same thing with all of your other players that you create. You should eventually have an awesome player for each position on your team.

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Spin you player

Hold the LEFT MOUSE button and then press the RIGHT MOUSE button. This will help you avoid being tackled by a defender when you run the ball.