Backyard Football PC Cheats

Rating 12

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the specified location:

Extra speed (During game play) - superspeed
Secret plays (During game play) - moreplays
Good passes (Before passing) - sharpeye
Awesome tackles (When about to tackle) - whatatackle
Special kid (Draft players screen) - superkid

Rating 7

Avoiding defense

Zigzag diagonally when running on offense and defense is gaining.

Rating 6

Pablo Sanchez speaks in English

Choose "Cards", then select "Pablo Sanchez". Hold [Alt] and click him.

Rating 4

Quit without losing

When playing against someone online and they are dominating you, do this. Selecting "Quit" will automatically give them the win. Instead, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to bring up the Windows "Close Program" window. Scroll down to "Football" and repeatedly click on "End Task" and it will eventually close.

Rating 3

Avoid interceptions

To avoid getting intercepted, throw the ball in front of your receiver. He/she will make a running catch and the defense will not intercept.

Rating 1

Recommended teams

-Note: First create a custom character and fill his Running and Catching completely; you should have 1 point for any other category.

Steve Young: Quarterback (starter)
Tony Delvecchio: Quarterback (backup)
Randall Cunningham: Quarterback (backup)
Custom Character: Running back (starter)
Pablo Sanchez: Running back (backup)
Reese Worthington: Receiver (starter)
Jerry Rice: Receiver (starter)
Tony Delvecchio: Lineman (starter)
Randall Cunningham: Lineman (backup)
Reese Worthington: Kicker (starter)
Steve Young: Kick Returner (starter)
Custom Character: Kick Returner (backup)
Reese Worthington: Kick Returner (backup)

-Create the following team:

Drew Bledsoe: Quarterback
Jevon Kearse: Running back
Dimitri: C
Jocinda: Wide receiver
Custom Character: Wide receive

Rating 0

Skip opening sequence

Press ESC to skip through the opening sequence.

Rating 0

Secret plays

Use the play slices and throw short passes to your running back or even behind the line of scrimmage.

Rating 0

Re-do play

Go to "Time Out" and go all the way to club house. This will save your game. After that, go back and pick a play. If the opponents gets an interception or something else bad, press SPACE before the other team gets tackled then click on "Restart".

Rating 0

Alligator story

At the starting screen, there is a book titled "Meet The Players". Click on it, then click on "'Lil Brett Farve". Click on his large photo until he says, "You ever seen an alligator up close?". He will then tell you a funny story.

Rating 0

Practice Dummies team

To play as the Practice Dummies team, enter "MRCLANKY" as a coach name.

Rating 0

Custom player

When you select your team click on the "invisible" person to create your own player and choose your own stats.