Backyard Soccer PC Cheats

Rating 3

All levels won

Kick the ball out of bounds, then press SHIFT + TAB + ENTER.

Rating 2

Play as Mr. Clanky

Win the Astonishingly Shiny Cup Of All Cups, then hold SHIFT and click on Mr. Clanky. Go to the pick up window to play as him.

Rating 1

Performing power-ups

When you have a power-up and are in control of the ball, hold SHIFT key and then kick the ball. After that, you will perform the power up that has be given to you.

Rating 0

Skip opening sequence

Press ESC to skip the opening sequence.

Rating 0

Penalty shot in the goalie box

For a penalty shot in the goalie box, get the ball to the other team's goal. Wait until someone steals it. You may be fouled when they try to steal it.