Baldies PC Cheats

Rating 3


-If two people are attacking you in a net game, keep a constant Rainstorm on one of the players while you concentrate on the other one. This is an very effective on the Hell level set, because the Rainstorm kills Baldies in hell.

-Whenanother player is using those Rainstorms on you, keep the Stage 1 storm charged. Once someone hits you with the storm, trigger the Stage 1 in an out of the way location. The new storm will cancel the old one.

Rating 2

Countering helicopters

When you see an opponent build a Helipad in a net game, destroy it as soon as possible or begin inventing a Stage 3 storm to down the helicopter that will soon appear.

Rating 2

Easy kills

-The Stage 3 mine is great and can be created after you have built a Stage 2 Breeder house. Send a group of flying soldiers at an enemy house, then place the large mine next to that same house. Right before the first soldier gets to the house, drop a sheep on top of the mine. This will kill twenty of the Hairies inside and clear the way for your Baldies to take it over.

-A fast way to kill an enemy house is with your grenade soldiers. After you have built a Stage 2 Barracks, put a shield over the target house, then place a rock in front of the house to prevent the soldiers from entering. All of your soldiers outside of the house will barrage the house with grenades.

Rating 2

Gathering energy

Its tough keeping Baldies alive outside of a house when they are gathering energy in a net game. Make a small two square island in the corner of the map. Move a group of Baldies there and hope that they are unnoticed.

Rating 1

Many Baldies

While holding F8, click the Mouse on a location with to make tons of Baldies.

Rating 1

Secret levels

Start the game at level four or higher at the game speed set to the slowest option. Drop a sheep in the water. Drop ten dolphins on your Science Lab, then complete the current level. Secret levels will replace levels 1 and 2.

Rating 1

Prevent enemy house upgrades

Place a mine field above the house to prevent enemy house upgrades.

Rating 1

Many Baldies

Constantly breed and make sure you have plenty of soldiers and strong houses.

Rating 0

Aerial assault

If an enemy keeps countering your aerial assaults with Rainstorms or Angel Dust, make Cannons and target them on an enemy house. After that, drop a group of Soldier Baldies into the cannons. They will fly into the enemy house through Rainstorms and Angel Dust.