Baldur's Gate PC Cheats

Rating 3

Infinite gold hints

-Go down to the opening of the mine shaft outside Nashkel Mines, but do not enter the mine. Instead, stand by the Flaming Fist guard that guards the entrance to the mine, then sleep. Most of the time a winter wolf will attack and interrupt your rest. The Flaming Fist guard will attack the wolf before it even gets close to you. If you have someone with missile or spear weapons, they will kill it before it comes down to you. Your party will get all the experience and a winter wolf pelt. Take the pelts to the Naskel store owner. He will give you 500 gold pieces. Repeat as desired.

-Collect at least  twenty winter wolf skins and go to Nashkel's store. The storekeeper buy the skins for 500 gp. When you have given him them all, he cannot hold them and will stands upon them. You can easily take them up and sell them to him again.

-Note: Do not use this trick if your computer cannot play the multi-player parts of the game. Items (Star Sapphire recommended) that cost 500 gp or higher are required for this trick. When at the main menu, go to "Single Player" and start a new game. When starting the game, create a Halfling Thief with a Dexterity of 19. After setting your first abilities, make Lockpicking 65%. When your character is done, go into Candlekeep and go upstairs in the inn. Go to the room closest to you where nobody is sleeping. Do not go to the room with the noblemen in it. Pick the lock, and peek into the dresser. Get the Star Sapphire and export that Thief character. Quit the game (either saving or not). At the main menu, choose multi player mode and create a game. Start a new game, and on every slot import the Thief character. Put the Star Sapphires on the first character and export him or her. Save the game. Load the game and delete every character except for the first one. Import the Thief again on every slot and transfer the Star Sapphires on the first character. Export the first character, save the game, and repeat until his or her inventory is full. Then, start a new game in multi-player or single player mode. In a multi-player game, you can create a permanent character, then import the Thief and transfer the Star Sapphires. In a single player game, you have to play as the Thief. Sell the Star Sapphires to get 320,000 gp per Thief character.

-Speak with the Gatewarden in Candlekeep, the castle that you start at. The Gatewarden asks you if you want to practice some mass combat. Do so. Go down into the cellar and a wizard will create some enemy illusions and an illusion party. Enter the illusion party's inventory and take all their good items (plate mail, shield +1, wands). Export your character. If you tell the wizard to teleport back outside, you will lose the items; you must export your character. Then, start a new game, import the character, and he will have all the items. Do this as often as needed. You can sell the plate armor for 300 gp. Identify the the small golden shield before selling to to get about 500 gp.

-Put potions in all of your quick item slots, then switch to the inventory screen and replace the right-most potion with a gem. Return to the adventure screen. Notice the picture of the potion you replaced with a gem will still look like a potion. Click it several times and return to the inventory screen. The number of gems should change from "1" to no number at all. Switch back to adventure screen and repeat the process. You should now have 65,000 gems.

-At the start, you have access to magical weapons. Go to the training room. The mage there will summon a few allies and monsters. Kill all the monsters and steal your allies' equipment. Export your character before leaving the room, then restart. You should get some healing potions, a Wand of the Heavens, Wand of Magic Missiles, +1 Shield, and some other items.