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Baldur's Gate Cheats "Item locations" (PC)


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Item locations

-Press L to display the current X and Y coordinates at the Mouse location to find the following items. Move to the specified coordinates and search to find the following items:

Ring of Wizardry - X=2546, Y=3507 at Friendly Arms Inn map. Alternately, X=2553, Y=3758 on same map. This ring doubles level 1 spells.
Ring of Protection - X=1004, Y=1115 at the map directly south of the Friendly Arm Inn map.
Ring of Fire Resistance, Iol Gem, Star Sapphire - X=1955, Y=2372 at map directly east of the Nashkel Mines Overland map.
Ankheg Plate Armor - X=187, Y=2747 at the Nashkel map (AR4800) on the farmer's land, far east, under a tree near the edge.
Wand of Frost - X= 169, Y=177 at the Nashkel Mines map, northwest corner in a dead tree.
Scrolls of Cloudkill and Chromatic Orb - X=1793, Y=414 at the map directly west of Nashkel Mines Overland map.

-Find the following tomes at the corresponding locations:

Constitution - In the cave of Sirines on the Lighthouse map.
Strength and Wisdom - In the caverns under Castlekeep.
Wisdom - From the temple in Baldur's Gate.
Dexterity - In the Thieves Guild in Baldur's Gate.
Intelligence - At the top of Razamith's Tower in Baldur's Gate.
Charisma - In the caves near the Gnoll fortress.

-The Ankhegs infest the area north of the Friendly Arms Inn. There is a large Ankheg hole in the ground to the middle left of the screen. Inside is a visible Ankheg horde, located four caves to the right that contains Brun's dead son, Chainmail +1, Potion of Magic Protection, Wand of Fire, Dagger +1, 5 Darts of Stunning, 5 Darts of Wounding, Ghost Armor scroll, Dire Charm scroll, Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, Antidote.

-There are  Bracers AC 7 at the following location. At the Baldur's Gate bridge, follow the river north to the house and speak to the priestess. You can get a Flail +1 from the farmers for killing the priestess. They are outside the large house to the very far left of the map, just north of the Friendly Arms Inn.

-Algernon's Cloak raises your Charisma and will give you a breath weapon that gives you control of the spell's target. To get it, go to the inn at Bergost where Tazok is staying. There will be a fat man in the room across the hall from him named Algernon, or he might be wandering around. Take Imoen up there. Save the game and pick pocket Algernon. Once you get the cloak, have it identified. You can then recruit any character or monster, good or evil, on the spot.

-To get a good set of starting armor when first starting in Candlekeep, look to the right side of the inn. There are two barrels and a treasure chest located there. Go inside the inn and get the supplies that you need, then walk outside. Wait a little while. A guard will walk by. When he is at the first barrel, kill him and you will get his armor.

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