Baldur's Gate PC Cheats

Rating 4

Duplicating items hints

-This trick duplicates any item that can be "stacked" in the inventory. One of the best uses is to duplicate gems to create an infinite source of gold. Place a potion of healing in one of the quick items slots. Open the inventory screen, replace it with a gem, then quickly return to the game screen. The image of the potion should still be in that slot, but the gem's name should appear on the help scroll if the pointer is left over that slot. Left click on the gem once, wait for the target cursor to disappear from your character, then left click the gem a second time. After the target cursor disappears again, return to the inventory screen. The number of gems in that slot should now be 65352 instead of 1. Do not stack any additional gems in that slot, or the CPU will reset the total to 20. Note - This trick works with the original release of the game and may not function in patched versions.

-Have a character get the item you want to be duplicate, then save the character that has the item. Make multi-player game with no one else, just your own computer. Select the first character slot and import the character that you made. Fill the character slots with that character. Make all those characters give that item to the first person. Save the character who has all the items.

Rating 3

Infinite gold hints

-Go down to the opening of the mine shaft outside Nashkel Mines, but do not enter the mine. Instead, stand by the Flaming Fist guard that guards the entrance to the mine, then sleep. Most of the time a winter wolf will attack and interrupt your rest. The Flaming Fist guard will attack the wolf before it even gets close to you. If you have someone with missile or spear weapons, they will kill it before it comes down to you. Your party will get all the experience and a winter wolf pelt. Take the pelts to the Naskel store owner. He will give you 500 gold pieces. Repeat as desired.

-Collect at leastĀ  twenty winter wolf skins and go to Nashkel's store. The storekeeper buy the skins for 500 gp. When you have given him them all, he cannot hold them and will stands upon them. You can easily take them up and sell them to him again.

-Note: Do not use this trick if your computer cannot play the multi-player parts of the game. Items (Star Sapphire recommended) that cost 500 gp or higher are required for this trick. When at the main menu, go to "Single Player" and start a new game. When starting the game, create a Halfling Thief with a Dexterity of 19. After setting your first abilities, make Lockpicking 65%. When your character is done, go into Candlekeep and go upstairs in the inn. Go to the room closest to you where nobody is sleeping. Do not go to the room with the noblemen in it. Pick the lock, and peek into the dresser. Get the Star Sapphire and export that Thief character. Quit the game (either saving or not). At the main menu, choose multi player mode and create a game. Start a new game, and on every slot import the Thief character. Put the Star Sapphires on the first character and export him or her. Save the game. Load the game and delete every character except for the first one. Import the Thief again on every slot and transfer the Star Sapphires on the first character. Export the first character, save the game, and repeat until his or her inventory is full. Then, start a new game in multi-player or single player mode. In a multi-player game, you can create a permanent character, then import the Thief and transfer the Star Sapphires. In a single player game, you have to play as the Thief. Sell the Star Sapphires to get 320,000 gp per Thief character.

-Speak with the Gatewarden in Candlekeep, the castle that you start at. The Gatewarden asks you if you want to practice some mass combat. Do so. Go down into the cellar and a wizard will create some enemy illusions and an illusion party. Enter the illusion party's inventory and take all their good items (plate mail, shield +1, wands). Export your character. If you tell the wizard to teleport back outside, you will lose the items; you must export your character. Then, start a new game, import the character, and he will have all the items. Do this as often as needed. You can sell the plate armor for 300 gp. Identify the the small golden shield before selling to to get about 500 gp.

-Put potions in all of your quick item slots, then switch to the inventory screen and replace the right-most potion with a gem. Return to the adventure screen. Notice the picture of the potion you replaced with a gem will still look like a potion. Click it several times and return to the inventory screen. The number of gems should change from "1" to no number at all. Switch back to adventure screen and repeat the process. You should now have 65,000 gems.

-At the start, you have access to magical weapons. Go to the training room. The mage there will summon a few allies and monsters. Kill all the monsters and steal your allies' equipment. Export your character before leaving the room, then restart. You should get some healing potions, a Wand of the Heavens, Wand of Magic Missiles, +1 Shield, and some other items.

Rating 2

Skip parts of the game

Start a new game. Enable the CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("89000") to level up and equip yourself with the desired armor and weapons. Do the sub-quests then talk to Gorion. Go through the scene where he dies. Return to Candlekeep. The man at the gate will not let you in without a book. Enable the the Cheats:ExploreArea() and CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() codes and have your characters go within Candlekeep's gates, Press [Ctrl] + J to jump in. You have now skipped the Iron Throne part of the game.

Rating 2

View FMV sequences

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "Baldur.ini" file in the game directory. Add the following lines under the "[Movies]" section to unlock all FMV sequences in the "Play Movie" option.


Rating 2

Infinite experience

When starting the game in the town of Candlekeep, do all the "quests" (errands for guards and other characters). This includes all tasks that give experience. Once you have done this go to the "Character Screen" and export your character. End the game. Start a new game and import your character. This lets you start the game with the amount of experience that you had previously gained. Repeat as desired.

Rating 2

Item locations

-Press L to display the current X and Y coordinates at the Mouse location to find the following items. Move to the specified coordinates and search to find the following items:

Ring of Wizardry - X=2546, Y=3507 at Friendly Arms Inn map. Alternately, X=2553, Y=3758 on same map. This ring doubles level 1 spells.
Ring of Protection - X=1004, Y=1115 at the map directly south of the Friendly Arm Inn map.
Ring of Fire Resistance, Iol Gem, Star Sapphire - X=1955, Y=2372 at map directly east of the Nashkel Mines Overland map.
Ankheg Plate Armor - X=187, Y=2747 at the Nashkel map (AR4800) on the farmer's land, far east, under a tree near the edge.
Wand of Frost - X= 169, Y=177 at the Nashkel Mines map, northwest corner in a dead tree.
Scrolls of Cloudkill and Chromatic Orb - X=1793, Y=414 at the map directly west of Nashkel Mines Overland map.

-Find the following tomes at the corresponding locations:

Constitution - In the cave of Sirines on the Lighthouse map.
Strength and Wisdom - In the caverns under Castlekeep.
Wisdom - From the temple in Baldur's Gate.
Dexterity - In the Thieves Guild in Baldur's Gate.
Intelligence - At the top of Razamith's Tower in Baldur's Gate.
Charisma - In the caves near the Gnoll fortress.

-The Ankhegs infest the area north of the Friendly Arms Inn. There is a large Ankheg hole in the ground to the middle left of the screen. Inside is a visible Ankheg horde, located four caves to the right that contains Brun's dead son, Chainmail +1, Potion of Magic Protection, Wand of Fire, Dagger +1, 5 Darts of Stunning, 5 Darts of Wounding, Ghost Armor scroll, Dire Charm scroll, Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, Antidote.

-There areĀ  Bracers AC 7 at the following location. At the Baldur's Gate bridge, follow the river north to the house and speak to the priestess. You can get a Flail +1 from the farmers for killing the priestess. They are outside the large house to the very far left of the map, just north of the Friendly Arms Inn.

-Algernon's Cloak raises your Charisma and will give you a breath weapon that gives you control of the spell's target. To get it, go to the inn at Bergost where Tazok is staying. There will be a fat man in the room across the hall from him named Algernon, or he might be wandering around. Take Imoen up there. Save the game and pick pocket Algernon. Once you get the cloak, have it identified. You can then recruit any character or monster, good or evil, on the spot.

-To get a good set of starting armor when first starting in Candlekeep, look to the right side of the inn. There are two barrels and a treasure chest located there. Go inside the inn and get the supplies that you need, then walk outside. Wait a little while. A guard will walk by. When he is at the first barrel, kill him and you will get his armor.

Rating 1

Extra time before attack

If you are resting but get interrupted by an encounter and do not have enough time to respond, press SPACE to pause game play. When the monsters attack, they will be stopped (as well as your party) until the game is resumed.

Rating 1

Easy battles hitns

-Certain Bosses are difficult as soon as combat begins. They will start casting spells to hold, charm, or fear your party members. If you encounter a real nasty Boss who does not attack until they have a conversation with you, attack them before they start talking. If you weaken them before combat, they are much easier to defeat.

-When you have a low level party, have two clerics or druids to be effective. Send one cleric into a zone that you know has a pack of monsters, after casting Sanctuary on himself. The monsters cannot harm him, but they will all focus on him. Next. Have the Druid drops an Entangle on the pack of monsters. After that, have the party use with missile fire to kill the helpless creatures. This will not work against enemies that have ranged attacks. It is effective against low level mobs, such as packs of wolves and spiders.

-Summoned creatures (such as the skeletons from the Animate Dead spell) can be used to great advantage. Summon them near an opponent, then run your main characters away until you are no longer within sight of the battle. The opponents will stop fighting sincee they can no longer see your characters. However, your summoned creatures will still fight the enemy.

Rating 1

Enable blood and gore (German & International versions)

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "Baldur.ini" file in the game directory. Add the line "Memory Access=100".

Rating 1

Swapping characters

When removing characters from your party, they tend to stay where you left them. If you want to change your party and add an extra cleric temporarily for a large battle, you can always drop him later and return for the fighter you left behind, as long as your remember his last location.

Rating 1

Infinite liquor

If you like going to the taverns and getting drinks to find information for your journal, you can remove your intoxication by saving and reloading your game (even after the bartender refuses to give you any more drinks).

Rating 0

Hidden comments

-When adding an NPC to your party, repeatedly click on him or her. They will say something either serious or funny. For example, Khalid says "Click on someone your own size". Each NPC says four things, then return to addressing you normally.

-Formore hidden comments from NPCs who cannot be in your party or you simply want the results faster, right click on their circle. A great example is a Flaming Fist officer who, if clicked enough on his circle, will say "You there! Give fifty pushups."

-Right click on non-humanoids (bears, kobolds, etc.) to listen to some hidden comments. For example, a black bear comment is "Boo Boo that looks like a good pickinick basket".