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Battle Realms Cheats "Easy Yin gain hints" (PC)


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Easy Yin gain hints

-For Lotus, use either Brother Lythis or Tausil and attack a tree in some maps. This will result in a gain of 3 to 5 yin at a time. Create more brothers so you can have more. For Serpent, use the Ronin trained with the Yin Blade/Sword and force fight it with a tree. You must put him beside the tree before enabling the Yin Blade. This will result in a gain 5 to 10 Yin at a time.

-For the Lotus clan, summon the two brothers in the crypt of Brother Tausil and the character with two blades in hand. Let them Force attack the water (just the sides of the water area). For the Serpent clan, train at least two or more Ronin and have them learn the Yin Sword. After that, attack it on the water (once again, just the sides of the water area). Then, press the Yin Sword Ability.

-For the Serpent clan, train a minimum two Ronin with an ability of Yin Blade. Then, have them Force attack the water (only the side). The process is one by one if the first Ronin consumed all of his stamina. Have him rest, then the other Ronin will continue the rest. Keep repeating this process.

-For the Serpent clan, have your Ronin equipped with Yin Blade battle gear from the metal shop. Let your Ronin Force Attack a tree (press CTRL + F). Before attacking the tree, turn on its battle gear.

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