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Battle Realms Cheats "Extra Necromancer glitch" (PC)


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Extra Necromancer glitch

Note: You must have the Necromancer's Throne to do this. Sacrifice four Ronins to summon the Necromancer, then train five more Ronins, having one with a Blood Bond BattleGear. Place four Ronins into the Necromancer's Throne. Notice that you cannot summon the Necromancer yet. Activate the Blood Bond BattleGear to the Necromancer and let the Necromancer enter the Watchtower. Let that Blood-Bonded Ronin scout into an enemy's base, dropping the Necromancer's HP to zero. Notice that while in the Watchtower the Necromancer doesn't die. Another Necromancer should emerge in the Necromancer's Throne. Note: You can get a maximum of five Necromancers only, because you only build four Watchtowers. To duplicate more Necromancers, let the former Necromancer remain in the Watchtower.

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