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Battlecruiser Millennium Cheats "Cheat Mode (Command Line)" (PC)


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Cheat Mode (Command Line)

Activate the following cheats by starting the game with the corresponding command line parameters by changing the "Target" field in the game's shortcut "Properties" menu. For example, C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\bcm.exe' <command line parameter>

Enable cheat mode - -cheat
Invincibility - -i
Ignore joystick rudder/twist axis and permit use of [Ctrl] + J axis toggle - -j
Disable introduction sequence - -n
Windowed mode using screen resolution setting from "bcconfig.ini" file - -w1
Windowed mode using desktop screen resolution - -w2
Low terrain textures - -lt
Disable terrain ground plane - -ng
Disable terrain multi-texturing - -nm
Disable terrain detail level 1 texturing - -nd1
Disable terrain detail level 2 texturing - -nd2
No 3D sound processing; all sounds mono without distance attenuation - -x0
No sound virtualization; only basic positioning effects - -x1
Light HRTF* 3D sound processing - -x2
Full HRTF* 3D sound processing - -x3

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