Battlefield 1943 PC Cheats

Rating 3

Faster reloads

Press RELOAD, immediately sprint a couple steps, then press RELOAD again.

Rating 2

Unlockable Postcards

Unlock the following postcards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Pacific Campaign - Win on all maps twice.
Tour Of Duty I - Play 50 matches.
Tour Of Duty II - Play 130 matches.
The Best - Get the highest score in a match.
Truly Elite -  Get 10,000 Kills.
Melee Man - Get 20 melee kills.
Master Of Your Domain - Get 17 kills with each class.
Master Blaster - Kill 50 enemies with grenades, rifle grenades, or explosives.
Rifleman - Kill 50 enemies with the semi-automatic rifle.
Infantryman - Kill 50 enemies with the sub-machine gun.
Sniper! - Kill 50 enemies with the scoped rifle.
Motorman - Get 25 kills with a car, tank, and plane.
Parachutist - Use the parachute four times.
Milkrun -  Fly a plane for 20 minutes.
Bomb Run -  Launch an air raid killing and kill one enemy.
Wheelman - Get 50 kills with a car, tank, or boat.
Fighter Ace - Get 50 kills with fighter planes.
Defender - Defend 20 flags.
Attacker - Capture 30 flags.
Veteran - Capture 50 enemy flags.
Lifer - Reach the top rank.
Squad Assister - Get 100 squad assists.
Squad Avenger - Avenge 100 squad members.
Best Squad - Be in the best squad three times on all maps.

Rating 2

Easy repairing

Infantry can fix any vehicle with the wrench. They will also get points for repair.

Rating 2

Capturing bases

Once you spawn, fly a plane directly to an airfield base. Parachute out and immediately capture that base. This allows your team to spawn at the strongest point and also unlocks the bombing run, tanks, and another plane. Although you may have lost a plane, you now have a new one and 30 more points.

Rating 2

Repairing tanks

Tanks will repair themsleves in the spawn "huts" in Guadalcanal (Base and Airstrip) and Iwo Jima (Airstrip), but the area must controlled by your side.

Rating 2

Detecting attackers

All empty vehicles will appear on the map. When boats suddenly appear around the base you are defending, the map notifies you when attackers are there.

Rating 2

Easy kills

You normally will not get points when Use a sniper from within your spawn point However, the anti-aircraft area on aircraft carriers are not treated the same way. You can remain in the gun area and get points. This is very useful on Iwo Jima when attacking the Lighthouse or Beach.

Rating 1

Repair plane

-To repair a plane, just land it on a landing pad or ship.

-Airplanes are also repaired when flown low enough over the airstrips or carriers. However they must be under your control.

Rating 1


Join a squad to spawn next to them rather than spawning back at the base.

Rating 1

Easy healing

After getting hit by an infantry soldier's rocket while in a tank, kill him and other nearby enemies. After that, jump out of the tank, take his kit, and heal yourself.

Rating 1

Sandcastle Locations

Find hidden sandcastles in each of the following locations:

Guadalcanal - On the bigger of the two islands there is a beach facing Guadalcanal and two trees. Follow the beach to the left of the trees to find a sandcastle and shovel.
Iwo Jima - On the island closest to the carrier is a sandcastle which faces the carrier.
Wake Island - By the beach base are two small islands. On the island to the right is a sandcastle with a swedish flag and yellow shovel.

Rating 1

Bombing runs

While in control of a bombing run, keep checking the mini-map to see all enemies. Any enemies standing outside the shelter will appear there. Although you may miss bombing a couple enemies grouped together at their base, it is better to kill campers outside the air raid hut.

Rating 1

Unlockable Stamps

Unlock the following stamps by performing the corresponding tasks:

Knife Efficiency - Kill four players with melee weapons.
Explosives Efficiency - Kill four enemies with grenades or explosives.
AT Efficiency - Kill four vehicles with the recoilless rifle.
Rifle Grenade Efficiency - Kill four enemies with rifle grenades.
Pistol Efficiency - Kill four enemies with the pistol.
Rifle Efficiency - Kill four enemies with the semi-automatic rifle.
SMG Efficiency - Kill four enemies with the submachine gun.
Sniper Efficiency -  Kill four enemies with the scoped rifle.
Vehicle Efficiency - Destroy six vehicles in any fashion.
Jeep Efficiency - Get four kills with a car.
Tank Efficiency - Get four kills with a tank.
Plane Efficiency - Get five kills with a fighter plane.
Boat Efficiency - Get two kills with a landing craft.
HMG Efficiency - Get four kills with a heavy machine gun.
Air Defense Efficiency -  Kill two planes with an anti aircraft gun.
Bombing Efficiency -  Kill four enemies with air raids.
Air Superiority - Shoot down three bombers.
Vehicle Assist Efficiency - Get five vehicle assist kills.
Leatherneck - Kill 20 enemies.
Defender Efficiency - Defend five flags.
Attacker Efficiency - Capture five enemy flags.
Best Squad - Be the best squad of the round.
Teamplayer - Get 10 squad assists.
Squad Excellence - Each squad member gets any one stamp and kills 10 enemies.