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Battlefield 1943 Cheats "Unlockable Postcards" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Unlockable Postcards

Unlock the following postcards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Pacific Campaign - Win on all maps twice.
Tour Of Duty I - Play 50 matches.
Tour Of Duty II - Play 130 matches.
The Best - Get the highest score in a match.
Truly Elite -  Get 10,000 Kills.
Melee Man - Get 20 melee kills.
Master Of Your Domain - Get 17 kills with each class.
Master Blaster - Kill 50 enemies with grenades, rifle grenades, or explosives.
Rifleman - Kill 50 enemies with the semi-automatic rifle.
Infantryman - Kill 50 enemies with the sub-machine gun.
Sniper! - Kill 50 enemies with the scoped rifle.
Motorman - Get 25 kills with a car, tank, and plane.
Parachutist - Use the parachute four times.
Milkrun -  Fly a plane for 20 minutes.
Bomb Run -  Launch an air raid killing and kill one enemy.
Wheelman - Get 50 kills with a car, tank, or boat.
Fighter Ace - Get 50 kills with fighter planes.
Defender - Defend 20 flags.
Attacker - Capture 30 flags.
Veteran - Capture 50 enemy flags.
Lifer - Reach the top rank.
Squad Assister - Get 100 squad assists.
Squad Avenger - Avenge 100 squad members.
Best Squad - Be in the best squad three times on all maps.

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