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Battlefield 2142 Cheats "Easy rank hints:" (PC)


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Easy rank hints:

-Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "profile.con" file in the "\battlefield 2142\profiles\0001" directory. It should be similar to this:

LocalProfile.setName "user"
LocalProfile.setGamespyNick "user"
LocalProfile.setEAOnlineMasterAccount "user"
LocalProfile.setEAOnlineSubAccount "user"
LocalProfile.setTotalPlayedTime 25467.3
LocalProfile.setNumTimesLoggedIn 9805
LocalProfile.setRank 0
LocalProfile.setCareerPoints 0
LocalProfile.setLastBaseUpdate 0

Replace the "localprofile.setrank 0" and "LocalProfile.setCareerpoints 0" lines with -

LocalProfile.setRank 43

-Go to Multi-player mode and organize the servers by player number. Scroll down until you reach servers with six to ten players in them, because you need seven players to start a game. Look for a server doing Titan mode and join that server. Get a tank and drive to the enemy Titan. Shoot off all of its guns on the underside. After destroying all four you will get a medal worth 20 points. Capture however many silos as desired, then leave that server and repeat the process.

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