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Battlestrike: Force Of Resistance PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Press ~ to display the console window, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: The codes cannot be enabled at the title screen.

Toggle God mode - Cheat.GodMode()
500 clips before reload - Cheat.AddAmmo
Full health - Cheat.FullHealth
All weapons - Cheat.GiveAllWeapons
More ammo capacity for desired weapon - Cheat.TuneClip
Increased rate of fire for desired weapon - Cheat.TuneGun
All types of ammo - Cheat.GiveAllAmmo
Mission skip - Cheat.NextMission
Spawn knife - Cheat.GiveKnife
Spawn machete - Cheat.GiveMachete
Spawn Colt pistol - Cheat.GiveColt
Spawn Colt pistol ammo - Cheat.GiveColtAmmo
Spawn Desert Eagle - Cheat.GiveDesertEagle
Spawn Desert Eagle ammo - Cheat.GiveDesertEagleAmmo
Spawn SnWmod39 - Cheat.GiveSnWmod39
Spawn SnWmod39 ammo - Cheat.GiveSnWmod39Ammo
Spawn SPAS - Cheat.GiveSpas
Spawn SPASammo - Cheat.GiveSpasAmmo
Spawn M16 - Cheat.GiveM16
Spawn M16 ammo - Cheat.GiveM16Ammo
Spawn AK-47 - Cheat.GiveAK47
Spawn AK-47ammo - Cheat.GiveAK47Ammo
Spawn MP5 - Cheat.GiveMP5
Spawn MP5 ammo - Cheat.GiveMP5Ammo
Spawn M14 - Cheat.GiveM14
Spawn M14 ammo - Cheat.GiveM14Ammo
Spawn M16A1 - Cheat.GiveM16A1
Spawn M16A1 ammo - Cheat.GiveM16A1Ammo
Spawn M60 - Cheat.GiveM60
Spawn M60 ammo - Cheat.GiveM60Ammo
Spawn M79CAW - Cheat.GiveM79CAW
Spawn M79CAW ammo - Cheat.GiveM79CAWAmmo
Spawn PPSh41 - Cheat.GivePPSh41
Spawn PPSh41 ammo - Cheat.GivePPSh41Ammo
Spawn RPK - Cheat.GiveRPK
Spawn RPK ammo - Cheat.GiveRPKAmmo
Spawn sniper rifle - Cheat.GiveSniper
Spawn sniper rifle ammo - Cheat.GiveSniperAmmo
Spawn crossbow - Cheat.GiveCrossbow
Spawn crossbow ammo - Cheat.GiveCrossbowAmmo
Spawn M40 Remi 700 - Cheat.GiveM40Remi700
Spawn M40 Remi 700 ammo - Cheat.GiveM40Remi700Ammo
Spawn rocket launcher - Cheat.GiveRocketLauncher
Spawn rocket launcher ammo - Cheat.GiveRocketLauncherAmmo
Spawn grenade launcher - Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncher
Spawn grenade launcher ammo - Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncherAmmo
Spawn RPG7 - Cheat.GiveRPG7
Spawn RPG7 ammo - Cheat.GiveRPG7Ammo
Spawn grenade - Cheat.GiveGrenade
Spawn claymore - Cheat.GiveClaymore
Spawn bayonet - Cheat.GiveWeaponKnife
Spawn AK-74 - Cheat.GiveWeaponAK74
Spawn AK-74 ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74
Spawn AK-74 Granatnik - Cheat.GiveWeaponAK74Granatnik
Spawn AK-74 Granatnik ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74Granatnik
Spawn FAMAS - Cheat.GiveWeaponFamas
Spawn FAMAS ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoFamas
Spawn FRF2 - Cheat.GiveWeaponFRF2
Spawn FRF2 ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoFRF2
Spawn HK PSG1 - Cheat.GiveWeaponHKPSG1
Spawn HK PSG1 ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoHKPSG1
Spawn KH USP - Cheat.GiveWeaponHKUSP
Spawn KH USP ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoHKUSP
Spawn LRAC89 - Cheat.GiveWeaponLRAC89
Spawn LRAC89 amo - Cheat.GiveAmmoLRAC89
Spawn M1911 - Cheat.GiveWeaponM1911
Spawn M1911 ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoM1911
Spawn Milkor MGL140 - Cheat.GiveWeaponMilkorMGL140
Spawn Milkor MGL140 ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoMilkorMGL140
Spawn MP5sd6 - Cheat.GiveWeaponMP5sd6
Spawn MP5sd6 ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoMP5sd6
Spawn RPG7 - Cheat.GiveWeaponRPG7
Spawn RPG7 ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoRPG7
Spawn SPAS12 - Cheat.GiveWeaponSPAS12
Spawn SPAS12 ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoSPAS12
Spawn Bren - Cheat.GiveWeaponBren
Spawn Bren ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoBren
Spawn Luger - Cheat.GiveWeaponLuger
Spawn Luger ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoLuger
Spawn Mauser 98K - Cheat.GiveWeaponMauser98K
Spawn Mauser 98K ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoMauser98K
Spawn Mauser 98KS - Cheat.GiveWeaponMauser98KS
Spawn Mauser 98KS ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoMauser98KS
Spawn Schmeisser MP40 - Cheat.GiveWeaponSchmeisserMP40
Spawn Schmeisser MP40 ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoSchmeisserMP40
Spawn Sten - Cheat.GiveWeaponSten
Spawn Sten ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoSten
Spawn Trench gun - Cheat.GiveWeaponTrenchGun
Spawn Trench gun ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoTrenchGun
Spawn Panzerfaust - Cheat.GiveWeaponPanzerfaust
Spawn Panzerfaust ammo - Cheat.GiveAmmoPanzerfaust
Spawn GraatStiHgr24 - Cheat.GiveGranatStiHgr24
Unknown - Cheat.JestemCieniasem() 

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