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Battlezone 2: Combat Commander Cheats "Editor mode" (PC)


game on

Editor mode

Activate the game.cheat bzeditor code to enable in-game editing. Press CTRL + E to display the license agreement. Select "Accept" to enter the editor. Notice that there are several tabs to select from.

Height: Controls terrain elevation
Object: Controls and places objects

Type in an object name in config box. For example, aptech.
Type in spawn in config box for object spawning.
Type in object name in object label.
Type in _ by object name for spawn rate. The object will spawn after that many seconds once the first object that spawned is no longer in existence. You can rename objects so that when you point at it, the name that is specified in the box is what the name of the object is.

Water: Places water
Color: Edits terrain color
Texture: Edits terrain pattern
Path: Confirms which .dll file to use
Type editor in the control menu ([Ctrl] + ~), something similar to this should appear. Press [Enter] after entering each value.

cmd Accept
cmd Reject
cmd Undo
cmd Redo
page = 0

Type editor.editor and you will get this message:

"Error (col 13): Unknown command "editor.editor".

Type editor.reject and the program will perform an action. Letters in dark blue cause actions.

Type and you should get this message:

page = 0

However, typing in 1 will result in this message.

page = 1

Some commands require more than one value, such color. It will say something like this.

fog color = 128 128 128 RGB

Type in sky.fogcolor 255 255 255 and this message should appear and all fog shall become white.

fog color = 255 255 255 RGB

Type editor.water and you will get another menu. Words in yellow will bring up another menu.

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