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Battlezone: The Red Odyssey Cheats "Steal enemy Reycler" (PC)


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Steal enemy Reycler

The following trick is useful in missions where you don't have access to a Recycler or Factory. Ask the Armory to equip you with a MAS grenade. The MAS grenade leaves a holographic imprint of a friendly ship on what usually is an enemy. Afterward, you get a good geyser source for the Factory that you are going to steal. Then, replenish your friend's heath and ammo with the Armory. Now lead them to any other base, preferably the Northwest. Destroy anything that can kill you, but keep the Recycler alive. If your team destroys the Recycler, you have to risk taking another base without any reinforcements. After you have destroyed everything that can kill you or your team (including pilots), move your team out of target range from the Recycler. Make sure you have a huge amount of ammo. Shoot the Chinese Recycler with a MAS grenade. It, as usual, will turn good. But, you can open a comm channel with it. With this, order it to construct scavengers, a Factory, a Constructor, Turrets, etc. Make sure that the Recycler is still good before it completes building something -- if it turns bad when it completes something, the object that it creates will be also be bad. After you pump the Recycler for resources, destroy it as necessary. Let the Constructor build a Silo, so the scavengers will have a place to store scrap. Set up the Factory to replace any lost units, and continue playing, taking out bases as you please.

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