Battlezone PC Cheats

Rating 5

Soviet Walkers strategy

Note: A tank equipped with two SP-Stabbers is required for this trick. First, use the hills for cover and wait for the Walker. Then, when it is close, run and jump and hit it while firing. If you are lucky enough, the Walker will fall. Once on the ground, the Walker will quickly try getting up again -- waste no time in killing it. When the Walker is on the ground, it cannot shoot you. Another technique is to use the thumper device on Walkers. They will be spinning around so quickly that they become easy tank fodder.

Rating 3

Taking out gun towers

Command your armory to supply the gun towers with the Mag cannon (1 Mag cannon if it is a NSDF gun tower and 2 Mag cannons if it is a CCA gun tower). They can track you, but only fire a small amount which can be seen at a distance.

Rating 3

Level select

Type iamadirtycheater at the mission start screen to unlock the level selecter.

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

While holding SHIFT + CTRL, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. A screen flash and sound will confirm correct code entry:

Unlimited shields - bzbody
Unlimited pilots - bzfree
Full map - bzradar
Unlimited ammo - bztnt
Enemy always appears on radar - bzview

Rating 0

Rave track and lights

Enable the "Unlimited ammo" code and pick up the rave gun in mission one. Hold the fire button to shoot continuously and the game will play a rave track and will display different colored lights.

Rating 0

Mission editor

Start the game with the /edit command line parameter. Aprompt to use the mission editor will appear before the main menu appears, . After confirming your choice and starting the game, press CTRL + E to access the editor.

Rating 0

Hidden message

Type iampissediam at the main menu to access a hidden message from the narrator.