Be Rich PC Cheats

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Easy money hints

-Apartment blocks produce more income for shops and other income-creatingbuildings such as movie theaters and amusement parks.

-Chateaus are great to build, upgrade, then sell for profit. However, they are not good population builders.

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-When space is limited, plan workshop locations by using of the workshop extended repair radius refill button. Note: This is a business upgrade.

-To increase the speed of the construction of houses and buildings, use the lightning bolt construction upgrade often.

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Business upgrades

Purchase the business upgrades with your bonus points as soon as you can. They are all beneficial, with the exception of the VIP unless you want the luxury home trophy.

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Getting checks

Select donation checks from houses quickly because they will soon disappear and will not be added to your bank account.

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Bonus points

Replay a level to earn additional bonus points to acquire business upgrades faster.
Play the level as fast as possible and accrue early completion bonus points

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Increasing population

Bulldoze monuments,  parking lots, or roads in order to build apartments to gain additional population figures. This is a great strategy for level 32.