Beat Hazard PC Cheats

Rating 2

Steam achievements

100! - Complete 100 tracks
1st Track Cleared - Complete your first track
25! - Complete 25 tracks
50! - Complete 50 tracks
A Real Dare Devil - In Normal Mode get the Dare Devil multiplier 10 times
A Real Mine Sweeper - Hit 50 mines in one track without losing a life
Boss Dance - Survive with 4 bosses on the screen in Boss Rush mode
Boss King - Get to Wave 30 in Boss Rush mode
Boss Slayer - Kill 8 bosses in 1 game
Brutal Boss Kill - Kill a boss before it fires
Cash Grab - Get $10,000 in the bank
Coming Through! - Reach 15 Minutes in Survival Mode
Completely Insane - Complete a 4+ minute track on Insane difficulty
Cool Tracks! - Visit a musician's website from the Credits screen
Death By A Thousand Cuts - Get 10,000 kills using Micro Missiles
Death Star - Get 10,000 kills using the Ultra Beam power up
Don't Panic - Don't fire for 60 seconds
Don't Stop Me Now - Reach 10 Minutes in Survival Mode
Dude of Hazard - Score 10 million points
Elite! - Reach the rank of Elite
Go Platinum - In Normal Mode score 1 million points in one track
Half Way There - Reach the rank of Senior Officer
High 5 - Accumulate 5 hours of play
I'm Just Starting - Reach 5 Minutes in Survival Mode
Mad MAXED - Max out all the Perks
Millionare - Score 1 million points
Music Tour - Score at least 1,000,000 on each built in track
Muti Millionare - Score 5 million points
Perfect - Complete a track of at least 3 minutes without losing a life
Perk MAXED - Buy all the upgrades for a Perk
Perks! - Unlock all the Perks
Pwnage - Get a 1,000 kill streak
Reflection - Reflect 150 projectiles with 1 Shield burst
Striptease - Strip 2 bosses of their turrets and keep them alive for 60s
Survival Champion! - Reach 20 Minutes in Survival Mode
Survive Christmas 10 - In Survival Mode last 10 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
Survive Christmas 15 - In Survival Mode last 15 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
Survive Christmas 20 - In Survival Mode last 20 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
Survive Christmas 5 - In Survival Mode last 5 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
The First Hour - Accumulate 1 hour of play
The First Step - Level up
Tough Guy - Complete a 4+ minute track on Suicidal difficulty
Tug of War - Have a 10 second tug of war with a Stalker
Ultra Beam of Death - Kill 150 enemies with 1 Ultra Beam blast
Untouchable - Reflect 10,000 projectiles using the Reflect Shield power up
Veteran - Accumulate 10 hours of play
x100 - Get a x100 Multiplie