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Beyond Atlantis 2 Cheats "The Cave on "The Hoggar Complex"" (PC)


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The Cave on "The Hoggar Complex"

Walk forward towards the glowing portal and to your right you can see all kinds of computer equipment. Look down on the ground before you. You will find the "Spinning Top" puzzle and the key to unlock the portal. Etched in the ground is a circle, crowned by five pictured markings. Refer to every marking with a number from one through five, from left to right. Each time you place the spinning top on one of the markings, it will trace a path and light a star at the end. You must learn the correct order to keep all the stars lit as some paths will cross and reverse the process. Once all five paths are traveled, the five stars will create a pentagram signifying the body. Start with the fourth marking (picture of the right foot). Determine the correct order until all five stars are lit. When the puzzle has been correctly solved, the portal will activate and your character will automatically step through.

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