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Beyond Atlantis 2 Cheats "The Well on "The Hoggar Complex"" (PC)


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The Well on "The Hoggar Complex"

Open your inventory by Right Clicking and at the bottom of your video screen notice that at the bottom of your video screen you carry only a disc and a small stick. Go forward, then turn to the left. Walk forward twice towards the bandit camp. Talk to the guard using any conversation icon. The guard is very unfriendly and offers to shoot you. If you bother him again he will hit you over the head with his machine gun and you will be returned to your starting point in the desert. Turn to your right and climb up the hill. Turn slightly to the left and go forward towards the archway. Another guard spots you and beckons you over. The Targui will suddenly appear behind the guard and saves you. Turn back slightly to the right towards the arch and go forward once, then turn right and enter the cave.

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