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Ki does not lower

Enable cheat mode and enter /g_KiRegenPct 100 and /g_flightCostPct -100 as codes at the console window.

2 years ago

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Cheat Codes

Display the console and type/sv_cheats 1' then enter /devmap' <map name> to enable cheat mode. Then, ctivate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Set starting power level in thousands. - g_basepl <1-999>
Set length of Ki trail; 0 will disable - cg_kitrail <0-99>
Toggle red crosshair when you score a hit - cg_crosshairhealth <0/1>
Toggle aura dynamic lights - cg_lightauras <0/1>
Toggle explosion dynamic lights - cg_lightexplosions <0/1>
Toggle low Ki warning - cg_drawKIWarning <0/1>
Toggle "ready" message when charging attacks - cg_chargeupAlert <0/1>
Toggle character voices when firing attacks - cg_stfu <0/1>
Toggle use of lower polycount sphere - cg_lowpolysphere <0/1>
Toggle explosion shell - cg_explosionShell <0/1>
Toggle first person between traditional and vis mode - cg_drawOwnModel <0/1>

2 years ago

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