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Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg Cheats "Dark Raven strategy" (PC)


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Dark Raven strategy

He will first make two flat circles. While he does this, try to make him make the circles separated from each other by jumping repeatedly on him. Note: The circles are usually together so this would work or you could run behind him. Clean up one of his circles. To make sure you cleaned up one, sparkles will form around the circle. You will have a chance to attack him. When he does a boomerang attack, run toward him so that his own attack can hit him. You will now have another chance to attack him. He will shoot three or more circles. You cannot clean them. Repeat from when he shoots the boomerang attack. After defeating him, he will hatch the Giant Egg to change into a huge crow. Once you start to play against him, let him hit you. You will lose your suit, but this is expected. Once he shoots his dark energy ball, the chicken god will give you a Rainbow Chicken Emblem. You will get your suit back and be able to get the power to catch Dark Raven's energy balls and send them back at him. Note: It is very hard to catch them. Once you hit him, he will turn into a floating ball. You will attack him with an egg. Repeat these steps to defeat Dark Raven.

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