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Bio Menace Cheats "Cheat Codes (Freeware version)" (PC)


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Cheat Codes (Freeware version)

Note: The Freeware v1.1 version is required. Press C + O + D to display a code prompt. Enter 91827 as a code. Hold J + I + M, hold SPACEBAR, then release either J or M. The message "Debug keys active!" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Change border color - F10 + B
Show number of active and inactive objects - F10 + C
Start and stop recording a demo - F10 + D
End level - F10 + E
God mode - F10 + G
Free items - F10 + I
Jump cheat - F10 + J
Show memory usage - F10 + M
No clipping - F10 + N
Pause - F10 + P
Slow motion - F10 + S
Sprite test - F10 + T
Add extra VBLs - F10 + V
Warp to level - F10 + W
Show secret tunnels - F10 + Y
Lose a life - F10 + Z

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