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BioShock 2 Cheats "Multi-player rank bonuses" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Multi-player rank bonuses

Reach the following ranks in multi-player mode to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

Rank 1
Weapon: Pistol/Shotgun
Plasmid: Electro Bol/Winter Blast/Incinerate
Mask: Rabbit/Goat/Pink Feather
Melee: Wrench/Candle Stick/Pipe

Rank 2
Weapon: Machine Gun

Rank 3
Tonic: Expert Researcher/Security Evasion

Rank 4
Plasmid: Air Dash

Rank 5
Upgrade: Pistol Automatic Firing

Rank 6
Weapon: Grenade Launcher

Rank 7
Tonic: Speedy Recovery/Eve Saver

Rank 8
Plasmid: Geyser Trap

Rank 9
Upgrade: Shotgun Rate of Fire

Rank 10

Weapon: Crossbow
Mask: Eagle/Tragic Comedy
Melee: Machete/Rolling Pin

Rank 11
Tonic: Back Stabber

Rank 12
Plasmid: Telekenesis

Rank 13
Upgrade: Machine Gun Magazine Size

Rank 14
Weapon: Nail Gun

Rank 15
Tonic: Metabolic Eve

Rank 16
Plasmid: Houdini

Rank 17
Upgrade: Grenade Launcher Homing Grenades

Rank 18
Weapon: Elephant Gun

Rank 19
Tonic: Sabotage

Rank 20
Plasmid: Insect Swarm
Mask: Moon/Indigo Feather
Melee: Mallet/Barbed Wire

Rank 21
Upgrade: Crossbow Damage Increase

Rank 22
Tonic: Repairman

Rank 23
Upgrade: Nail Gun Magazine Size

Rank 24

Upgrade: Speedy Hacker

Rank 25
Upgrade: Elephant Gun Sniper Scope

Rank 26
Tonic: Slugger

Rank 27
Upgrade: Pistol Damage Upgrade

Rank 28
Tonic: Leg Up

Rank 29
Upgrade: Shotgun Automatic Reload

Rank 30
Tonic: Fast Feet
Mask: Peacock Feather/Sun God
Melee: Crowbar/Flashlight

Rank 31
Upgrade: Machine Gun Kickback Reduction

Rank 32
Tonic: Deadly Machine

Rank 33
Upgrade: Grenade Launcher Velocity Boost

Rank 34
Tonic: Headhunter

Rank 35
Upgrade: Crossbow Rate of Fire

Rank 36
Tonic: Big Game Hunter

Rank 37
Upgrade: Nail Gun Damage Increase

Rank 38
Tonic: Death Trap

Rank 39
Upgrade: Elephant Gun Damage Increase

Rank 40
Tonic: Resurrection
Mask: Octopus/Demon
Melee: Hatchet

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