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Bioshock Infinite Cheats "Vigor Combos" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Vigor Combos

Use the following Vigors in the indicated order on the same enemy to perform corresponding combos:
Possession + Shock Jockey Possessed Lightning Conduit that electrocutes enemies.
Possession + Devil's Kiss Possessed Fire Conduit that burns enemies
Devil's Kiss + Charge Multiple spreading fire bombs spawns at target.
Murder of Crows + Devil's Kiss Sets crows on fire and burns enemies.
Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey Electrifies crows and electrocutes enemies.
Bucking Bronco + Devil's Kiss Launches a cluster of bombs from a floating target.
Bucking Bronco + Charge Send floating target careening forward.
Undertow + Shock Jockey Boosts Shock Jockey's power.

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