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BioShock Cheats "Summoning weapons, ammunition, and items" (PC)

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Summoning weapons, ammunition, and items **Updated 1 year ago**

Make a text file named Weapons.txt with a text editor and place it in the "System" folder in the game directory, which is typically "C:\Program Files\2K Games\BioShock\Content\System". In the "User.ini" file used in the "Cheat mode" section, bind the following command to any key

exec Weapons.txt

Edit the Weapons.txt file you have just made with any of the following commands listed below. Once you are in the game, use the key you have bound to the "exec Weapons.txt" line. You can also use Plasmid.txt file if already created and use the same key for both types of cheats. Spawned weapons and ammo will appear directly in your inventory. Note: The game has default maximum ammo carrying capacities for each weapon (for example, you can normally carry a maximum of 48 standard pistol rounds) Thus if you try to summon 999 pistol rounds with the pistol in your inventory, the game will automatically limit you to 48 rounds. However if you summon 999 rounds before you first acquire the pistol, then you will have 999 rounds available in your inventory.

Note 1: If you have 9999 Adam and press your summon key a second time, the counter will simply reset itself to zero then tick back up to 9999 again. This appears to be the maximum value the game will allow.
Note 2: You can also use the GiveItem code to increase your maximum health and EVE capacity, or add more Plasmid and Tonic slots. Apparently it is best to increase health and EVE by 1 "point" at a time. After about 12 points the health and EVE bar graphics become so long they are distracting.

Note: Change all < and > characters into < and >

Armor piercing machinegun rounds GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.MachineGun_ArmorPiercingBullet
Armor piercing pistol rounds GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.Pistol_ArmorPiercing
Chemical Thrower GiveWeapon ShockGame.ChemicalThrower
Crossbow GiveWeapon ShockGame.Crossbow
Electric shotgun shells GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.Shotgun_IonicBuck
Explosive shotgun shells GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.Shotgun_HighExplosiveBuck
Frag grenades for grenade launcher GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_FragGrenade
Freezing machinegun rounds GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.MachineGun_FrozenBullet
Grenade Launcher GiveWeapon ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher
Heat seeking missiles for grenade launcher GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_RPG
Machine Gun GiveWeapon ShockGame.MachineGun
Pistol GiveWeapon ShockGame.Pistol
Shotgun GiveWeapon ShockGame.Shotgun
Standard machinegun rounds GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.MachineGun_Bullet
Standard shotgun shells GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.Shotgun_00Buck
Sticky grenades for grenade launcher GiveItem [1-999] ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_StickyGrenade
Wrench GiveWeapon ShockGame.Wrench

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