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Bit.Trip Runner Cheats "Steam achievements" (PC)

Game also available for:   Wii


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Steam achievements

AMNESIA.MAKES YOU AFRAID - Get Bonked by a monster
Bit.tripper - Register a high score on the leaderboards
Bonus.get - Complete a bonus challenge
Burger.mouth - Burger mouth - Repel 100 Beats
Endure - Complete a level in one sitting
EVERYONE.PLAYED BRAID - Bonk after missing a Gold Bar to rewind time and try again
Flawless.impetus - Get a PERFECT score in all Impetus Challenges
Flawless.tenacity - Get a PERFECT score in all Tenacity Challenges
Flawless.triumph - Get a PERFECT score in all Triumph Challenges
GONE.FISHIN - Catch a fish! - Collect 1,000 gold bars
Impetus.complete - Complete impetus
Longest.journey - Complete odyssey
Master.runner - Get a PERFECT in all challenges
Misstep - Get the Game Over
Perfect.piece - Get a PERFECT on one challenge
PLAYING.TRINE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND - Find 3 friends and beat the challenges they are in
Rainbow.power - Get commandervideo's cape
ROASTIN.MARSHMALLOWS - Bump into a fire in a Bonus Challenge
Runner.up - Jump 1,000 times
Running.hard - Beat all challenges on Hard difficulty
Tenacity.complete - Complete tenacity
Throw.down - Complete the gauntlet
Timbletaunt - Watch the hidden cutscene
Triumph.complete - Complete triumph

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