Blade Kitten PC Cheats

Rating 4

Steam achievements

Fashionista - Purchased all the costumes from Hundert Tonne.
Icky Skiffy - Blade Kitten - Act 1 complete.
Invisible Bike - Perched on and threw an enemy.
Kitten Power - Completed a level without losing health.
Loot to Boot - Found all the treasure chests in the game.
New BFFs - Blade Kitten - Act 2 complete.
Nine Lives - Died nine times in any one level.
Slide Queen - Defeated 100 enemies using slide.
Speedy Kitten - Totalled best level times of 90 minutes or less.
The Kit Fu is Strong in This One - Defeated 10 enemies in a row without losing health.
Unfriendly Fire - Defeated 5,000 enemies.
Weaporisseur - Purchased all the Free Blades from Hundert Tonne.