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Blade Runner Cheats "Mechanism for the Kia" (PC)


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Mechanism for the Kia

At bullet Bobs' place at Animoid Row, speak to Hasan the snake dealer, then go to the options menu. Activate the "User's Choice" dialog control, and ask Bob to VK as the first second or third thing to talk to him about. The dialog will be:

McCoy: :There's a test I'd like you to take."
Bob: "Test? You mean the Voigt Kamphf?"
McCoy: "Ya, I don't think you're a rep, but I wanna...."
Bob: "Hey hey hey, you don't have to explain. I always wanted to see the machine in action. Go on, set it up."

After the test, click on Bob again to activate dialog. If done correctly, you should not get a dialog subject choice. Bob will give you a mechanism for the Kia that lets you right-click on clues and block them from being uploaded into the police mainframe clue database.

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