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Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold Cheats "Debug mode" (PC)


game on

Debug mode

Start the game with the bstone powerball command line. Press LEFT SHIFT followed by RIGHT SHIFT repeatedly at the Jam logo until a sound is heard to confirm that debug mode is enabled. Then, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Slow motion - BACKSPACE +S
All floors unlocked - BACKSPACE +U
Collect all treasures - 6 + 7
Level skip - BACKSPACE +E
Free items - BACKSPACE + I
God mode - BACKSPACE +G
Quit game - BACKSPACE +Q
Invisibility - BACKSPACE +D
Kill all enemies - 7 + 8
Kill all enemies, get all treasures, get all points (except if informant is killed - 6 + 8
Level select - BACKSPACE +W
Lose health - BACKSPACE +H
View memory information - BACKSPACE +M
View object count - BACKSPACE +C
Pause game play - BACKSPACE +P
Reveal secret walls on map as flashing white dots - BACKSPACE +O
Reveal all NPCs on map as red dots - BACKSPACE +A

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