Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold PC Cheats

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Debug mode

Start the game with the bstone powerball command line. Press LEFT SHIFT followed by RIGHT SHIFT repeatedly at the Jam logo until a sound is heard to confirm that debug mode is enabled. Then, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Slow motion - BACKSPACE +S
All floors unlocked - BACKSPACE +U
Collect all treasures - 6 + 7
Level skip - BACKSPACE +E
Free items - BACKSPACE + I
God mode - BACKSPACE +G
Quit game - BACKSPACE +Q
Invisibility - BACKSPACE +D
Kill all enemies - 7 + 8
Kill all enemies, get all treasures, get all points (except if informant is killed - 6 + 8
Level select - BACKSPACE +W
Lose health - BACKSPACE +H
View memory information - BACKSPACE +M
View object count - BACKSPACE +C
Pause game play - BACKSPACE +P
Reveal secret walls on map as flashing white dots - BACKSPACE +O
Reveal all NPCs on map as red dots - BACKSPACE +A