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Blitzkrieg Cheats "Ambushes hint" (PC)


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Ambushes hint

This is one of the strongest weapons in the game. The enemy is using it, but you also have the honor of putting your troops in the state of Ambush. Put your troops in state of Ambush, then sit tight and let the enemy come close. Then, suddenly hit him with Double Strength. There is only one weapon that can match Ambush: recon planes. They reveal troops and makes them the perfect target (for example, the enemy K39 heavy gun). You should also use Dig-In with Ambush for maximum results. Enemy ambushes are usually on heights near roads, a clean field in the center of the forest, or a small island in the swamp. The enemy usually will have this a tank, two squads of infantry, or double AT guns guarded by infantry, or sometimes mortars, AT guns, and trenches full of infantry. The best way to eliminate them is to use long-range artillery.

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