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Blitzkrieg Cheats "Artillery on Berlin" (PC)


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Artillery on Berlin

The enemy will be using 170mm cannons and the battery will be positioned to the far north. Also, they will use Wespe, Hummel, Nebelwerfer, Panzerwerfer, K39, and K18 batteries. In artillery, you are outgunned. You should not take six ML 152mm cannons. They have small range so use ML-19 (122 mm) instead. Although they are less powerful they have longer range and a faster rate of fire. However you will not be able to range enemy 170 mm cannons. Send paratroopers to the northwest to eliminate the LeFH 105 mm battery just near the bridge and the 170mm battery on the crossroads on the east side of the town. For the rest, try to separate artillery. Select two cannons for each enemy battery.

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