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Blitzkrieg Cheats "Berlin" (PC)


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Your troops should be updated with JS-3 and IS-2 veteran tanks. However, German troops are dug in very well and you must clear a route for an all-out attack. Use a tank group consisting of at least four JS-3, an equal number of IS-2s, T-34-85mm, and some tank destroyers. Do not attack the center. This is the place with the strongest and most dug in defenses. Get your tanks in the column and take it totally left along path through the woods. You will encounter about three or four squads of infantry. Eradicate them. Progress along the path until the path that gets you to the Hummel battery position. Clear it up. The enemy will counter-attack with a fresh group of modern tanks. Do not entrench self-propelled destroyers as it has a limited FOW. Be careful, as their artillery will start zeroing in.

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