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Blood & Magic PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Pause game play and hold ALT, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Disable Fog of War - fog? what fog?
Full mana - boost
Everything researched - elminster
Basalt Golem - acolyte
Cleric - father
Druid - wolverine
Enchanter1 - gremlin
Fury - fatal attraction
Gargoyle - flying monkies or flying monkeys
Ghoul - raise dead
Gnome - alaska
Goblin1 - jareth
Stone Golem - concrete
Griffin - merv
Guardian - body guard
Juggernaut - microsquish
Harpy1 - mother in law
Nymph - seduction
Paladin - lancelot
Ranger - yogi
Warrior - needs food badly
Wizard - merlin
Wraith - shadow
Wyrm - smog
Zombie - dead flesh

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