Blood PC Cheats

Rating 3

The Shining easter egg

During "The Hotel" level, enter the hedge maze and keep making left turns. You will eventually find a frozen Jack Nicholson and tons of dynamite. Select Nicholson to hear him scream "Here's Johnny!"

Rating 1

Duke Nukem easter egg

During episode 1, level 6, eenter the JOJO room. Walk to the front of the snake pit and press SPACE on the warning sign on the left. Quickly get behind the snake pit to enter a secret area that features Duke Nukem hanging from the ceiling.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

After pressing T, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

God mode - mpkfa, cap in my ass, I wanna be like Kevin
Temporary God mode - voorhees
Disable God mode - no cap in my ass or capinmyass
All weapons, ammo - lara croft or hongkong
All weapons and items - idaho
All items - montana
Allow two of same weapon - bunz
All items - satchel
100 % health - clarice
200% health - spork
200% health, on fire - krueger
200% health, diving suit - cousteau
200% armor - griswold
Level skip - calgon, mario, or luigi
Level select, cheats disabled - spielberg
Temporary blindness - sterno
Invisibility - onering
Display framerate - rate
Suicide - edmark or kevorkian
Suicide by fire - mcgee
Drunk mode - jojo
Higher jumps - funky shoes
All keys - keymaster
No weapons, 1% health, drunk - fork broussard
Toggle clipping mode - eva galli
Full map - goonies

Rating 1

The Crow easter egg

Play level 1 and exit the mausoleum. After that, turn right and open the wall to find a secret room with Eric Draven's empty grave from The Crow.

Rating 0

Shareware version: Hidden music video

Using Windows Explorer, examine the "music" directory on the CD-ROM and double click the "typeonegative" file to view a hidden music video by Type-O Negative.

Rating 0

Secret level

Once you open the Moon Key door in the carnival level, instead of diving down the lake under the destroyed pier, jump across to the other side using the remaining wooden pillars as platforms. While on the last pillar, destroy the crack in the wall and dive into the water behind it. Swim to the end, and you will find yourself in a little chamber with a Life Seed, Super Armor, and a block with three Skull pictures on it. When you use each picture, it will change and cycle through the graphics on each key in the game. Change the pictures on the block to Dagger, Eye, Moon to make the block retract into the ground and display the message "You're going to the secret level".