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Blood Omen 2 Cheats "Sarafan Lord strategies" (PC)


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Sarafan Lord strategies

-As soon as the battle starts, the most important thing to do is to locate him. When you do, go to the platform across from him so that there is a walkway between you. When he fires the energy orbs, jump above the first one and stay down on the second. After that, jump again on the third. When he is over you will have seconds to use your Telekenisis on him. When you use it, immediately switch over to jump and knock him off the ledge. You cannot be too near him when you try to jump or he will teleport away. When he has the Soul Reaver out, switch over to Immolate. He only has one set of attacks. He hits you five times, then uses the magic red sword. Block his five attacks, jump back from the sword, and use Immolate on him. This is the only way to hurt him here. Do this three times to proceed. When you get the Soul Reaver, he still has the same attack pattern (five hits then the magic punch). Block the five hits and jump straight up in the air to evade the red hit. When you get down, immediately use the Soul Reaver. You can only hit him one time per round of attack. It will take some time to defeat him.

-When Kain has the Soul Reaver and the Sarafan Lord does the five hits, evade the magic hammer blow. Then, grab the Sarafan Lord and thrust the Soul Reaver through his chest. You will defeat him in less than a quarter of the time it would take with one hit on each turn.

-After getting the Soul Reaver, build up your special power and use the berserk attack. It will kill him within two hits.

-After obtaining Kain's Soul Reaver back, the Sarafan Lord will hit you with his five punch combo and his power punch. Block his five punches and evade his power punch so you can charge up Kain's "Berserk" attack. When done, just block the Sarafan Lord's punches and side step his power punch, then hit him with the "Berserk" attack. If the Sarafan Lord does not block the attack, just repeat and enjoy the ending.

-At the beginning, wait for him to teleport, then make your way to him while avoiding his blasts. Before you stand on the same platform he is on, fire a shot of Telekinesis to knock him back. If done correctly, you will see him start to lose his balance. While still standing far off, use the Jump power to knock him off the platform. For the next part you must face him in hand-to-hand, except you are not going to use your hands except to block. He will do a five hit combo, then an unblockable attack. After blocking the first five, back off and wait for him to finish his attack, then move back in and continue to block. When your rage is high enough, use the Immolate attack. This is the only attack that can hurt him. After the short intermission sequence, you will fight him again, but this time with the Soul Reaver in your hand. Once again, he will do the five-hit combo plus the unblockable attack. There is only one way to hurt him -- grab him and stab him. Do this a few times, and you will view the ending sequence.

-After reaching the third and final stage of the battle with the Sarafan Lord, you must block his first five attacks then attack once. This takes far too long. Instead, select "Berserk" from your Dark Gift menu when the last stage of the battle begins. As you block his first five attacks then evade his sixth attack (which is unblockable), you will be building Berserk energy. Block his five attacks then dodge the sixth unblockable attack. Unleash your Berserk attack, and you will get in twice as many hits. You only need do this twice and the Sarafan Lord will be defeated. This quickens the battle and allows you to complete the game with much less aggravation.

-When the battle begins, find him immiediatly. Then, go to the nearest platform to him (not the same one) and use your Telekinesis dark gift. Use it on him, then use your Jump dark gift and jump on him. It will knock him off the platform. He will say some things about the Nexus Stone. Kain will drop the Nexus Stone off the platform, destroying the Hylden Gate. Next, do your normal block dodge attack moves and use your dark gift Immolation. This will take him down quickly. Ionnis will appear, and he and the Sarafan Lord will fight. The Sarafan Lord wins and Ionnis will tell you to pick up the Soulreaver. You will need to do normal block dodge attack and use your dark gift Berserk to bring the Sarafan Lord down very fast.

-To defeat the Sarafan Lord, evade the shots from the Soul Reaver, then use Telekinesis to briefly stun him. In this time, switch Dark Abilities to Jump and attack him. This will knock him off. An intermission sequence will begin, then you will have to fight again. During this time, block until he raises his sword above his head. When this happens, jump directly up and float until he finishes his attack. Your Rage Meter should be filling. When it is full, use Immolate on him. Repeat this process until the first vampire appears. He will be hurled from the area into banishment. An intermission will play and you will be on the center platform. Once there, repeat the process, except he will rest after doing his combo. Hit him once with the Soul Reaver and continue.

-When on the last stage of defeating the Sarafan Lord (when you have the Soul Reaver), switch to Berserk and build up your rage bar. Attack with Berserk you should kill him in two repetitions.

-First, evade his beams then knock him off. When he is using his second tactic, use Immolate four times. When he is using his third tactic, use Berserk two times.

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