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Bloons Tower Defense 4 Cheats "Easy wins hints" (PC)

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Easy wins hints

- At about level 40, purchase three Banana Towers and fully upgrade them. Then, buy three Super Monkeys and put them at the very end of the track. Purchase three more at the last corner of the track, then two more in the center. Then, keep buying Bomb Towers and fully upgrade them. Keep buying those items to get beyond level 90.

-Create a Monkey Tower and upgrade it to one of the spike balls. When playing under the Easy difficulty setting, place your upgraded Monkey Tower in the back of the road that the Bloons appear from. This should pop all the Bloons that appear at the same time. Note: You can add some Ice Towers to freeze the Bloons to get more hits on them by the Monkey Tower.

-First, purchase a Bomb Tower. Upgrade it completely when possible. After that, buy a Buccaneer and also upgrade it completely when possible. Next, buy a Monkey Ace and upgrade it completely when possible. Then, buy a Super Monkey, complete the first upgrade, then stop. Purchase an Ice Tower and upgrade it completely. Then, finish upgrading your Super Monkey.

-For easy money, on the first track, purchase two Dart Monkeys and place them at the start of the road. At round three, place a Tack Shooter with the Dart Monkeys and upgrade them to Spike O Pult and Blade Shooter as soon as possible, but not all at once. After that, buy as many Banana Farms as you possible until a balloon gets to the end. Then, keep going through the levels.

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