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Bloons Tower Defense PC Cheats

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Easy wins hints

-During the first couple levels, build four or five Dart Towers in the middle of the screen between the two paths. Do not purchase or upgrade anything else. Then, upgrade each Dark Tower with Piercing Darts. Then, upgrade each one with Long Range Darts. From now on, when you get enough money, buy a Dart Tower and place it on any corner of a path. Upgrade the new towers with Piercing Darts first, then Long Range Darts. Keep doing this until you have around ten Dart Towers (five in the center and five on the corners of paths). After that, purchase Tack Towers and place them on the corners of paths. After buying a Tack Tower, do not buy another one immediately. Instead, first upgrade it with Faster Shooting then with Extra Range Tacks. Ice Towers and Bomb Towers should never be bought. Once you have about ten Dart Towers and ten Tack Towers placed, save $4,000 for a Super Monkey. Place it in the center of the screen. If needed sell the Dart Towers there to make room. Buy more Super Monkeys as you get more money.

-Purchase as many Dart Monkeys as possible. Give all of them Piercing Darts and Long Range Darts. Place them around the entrance and nothing will be able to get through.

-Place plenty of Bomb Towers and monkeys in the first small turn. Surround them with more monkeys.

-Get five Monkey Towers and upgrade them with Pierce Darts and Extra Range. Get and upgrade two Tack Towers until you have 7,000 cash. Sell the Monkey and Tack Towers, then buy two Super Monkeys (one on each side). Upgrade Range on them, then stick four Tack Towers. You should be at about level 42. Get one more Super Monkey and upgrade until level 50.

-Ice Towers do not destroy any Bloons and so are a waste of time. Bomb Towers fire too slowly and do not destroy Black Bloons, which are the ones you will have trouble with the most on the later levels. After you have about ten Dart Towers and ten Tack Towers set up, start saving money for the Super Monkey. It costs $4,000. Place it in the middle of the screen. Note: Sell one of the first Dart Towers you built in the center of the screen if you do not have enough room to place the Super Monkey. From there, it is easy. Let the Super Monkey do all the work for you. When you have enough money, buy more Super Monkeys.

-Build about five Monkey Towers in good locations, then upgrade them before buying new ones. After that, place a couple Tack Towers in the original path. Add Monkeys if needed. When you have about $3,000 save and buy a Super Monkey. Continue with the Super Monkey and save, then sell more things and buy more Super Monkeys. Repeat this tactic to win easily.

-Place your Super Monkeys in the center with extra range and use lots Tack Towers.

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