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BMX Star Cheats "Better jumps hints" (PC)


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Better jumps hints

-When attempting to get to high places, hit the jump as hard as you can. Once in mid-air, be completely vertical. When you get close to the landing, lean forward and it will push you further to your landing.

-When you rotate, you will do so primarily around the back wheel. When you are going for a large jump and are spinning, use SPACE to change which wheel is your back one, then use that to propel you farther.

-When you go off a quarter pipe and are going straight up, but need to get over a ledge at the top, make sure your back wheel is facing down.

-If you are attempting to get up on a high ledge but only manage to clear your front wheel, you can still make it. With your front wheel on the ledge, quickly hit and hold your brakes. Start leaning onto the ledge, then press SPACE to change directions. Keep leaning and holding your brakes. Lean all the way back, pulling your wheel up onto the ledge and over your head. Once you start to tip over, change directions again and start pedaling. Once the other wheel touches the ground, get some speed then hit the brakes to flip yourself upright. This will take most of your health, but usually works.

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