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BMX Star Cheats "Recoveries hints" (PC)


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Recoveries hints

-When sliding upside down, if you have some speed, tap the brakes to flip yourself upwards. Note: You need to be facing the way you are sliding or this may not work.

-When you flip over onto your back, try finding a slope or jump to go off.

-When you land on your back, accelerate then hit the brake while leaning forward. With practice, you can usually get back up again.

-If you lean too far and start to go over backwards, hit the brakes. This quickly corrects your angle at the cost of some speed. You can use this technique to do extreme wheelies. Note: Your front brakes also work and are very helpful in some situations.

-When you jump and are about to hit the ledge above you, flip so your wheels hit the ledge instead of your head. By doing this you will keep your health.

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