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Borderlands Cheats "Solo Crawmerax the Invincible with any character" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Solo Crawmerax the Invincible with any character

Crawmerax is the secret final boss you fight during the mission "You. Will. Die.",which is unlocked from the bounty board after completing the main story. If your character is not strong enough to survive Crawmerax's powerful attacks, there is an easy method to defeating him. After the elevator brings you up, you will see Crawmerax appear in front of you. Run to the left side of the area and drop down onto a small ledge and make your way up to the corner against the high wall and the step up to the main area. From here, Crawmerax and his minions cannot attack you. Instead, they will all turn to face you and roar, allowing you to easily target the bright purple weak spots and kill him. Use a powerful sniper rifle and have a method of regenerating ammunition. Also, it is absolutely necessary to have a rocket launcher with you because the weak point on Crawmerax's back won't be visible from this angle. You will have to aim your rockets at the spikes on his shell so that the weak spot is caught in the explosion. This is also a great method to quickly level since killing Crawmerax's minions earns you a significant amount of experience.

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