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Bouncy The Ball PC Cheats

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Level Passwords

Access the following levels by entering the corresponding passwords:

2 - bounce
3 - boing
4 - roll
5 - ball

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Boss strategy on Level 5

When you first encounter the boss, you will see a floating UFO that shoots out a green ray. Go as far possible to the right and it will not hit you. When it floats down, jump on it. It will fly away and go back to the left side, then shoot the green rays. Repeat this process until it has 30 life, then it will go into the second stage. In stage two, you will be in a space-type place and a rock will be after you. Evade it as best you can. When it turns white, get as far away as possible because it will hurt a lot. Continue to stay away from it and dodge it. Note: You will only have to dodge five times since every time he explodes he will lose 10 HP.

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