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Brink Cheats "Unlockables" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Complete the following tasks in challenge mode to unlock the corresponding weapons and add-ons:

Be More Objective 1 - Lobster Grenade Launcher, Ritchie Revolver, Duct-Taped Magazines
Be More Objective 2 - Bulpdaun Submachine Gun, Speed Slings, Speed holsters
Be More Objective 3 - Score on Leaderboard
Parkour This 1 - Barnett Light Rifle, Front Grips, Rapid Fire
Parkour This 2 - Belgo Machine Pistol, Silencers
Parkour This 3 - Score on Leaderboard
Escort Duty 1 - High Powered Scopes, Red Dot Sights, Muzzle Brakes
Escort Duty 2 - EZ-Nade Auto Grenade Launcher, Drum Magazines
Escort Duty 3 - Score on Leaderboard
Tower Defense 1 - FRKN-3K Assault Rifle, Underslung Grenade Launcher, Adjusted Iron Sights
Tower Defense 2 - Gotlung Minigun, High-Capacity Magazines
Tower Defense 3 - Score on Leaderboard

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