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Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

-Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "eib.ini" file in the "system" folder in the game directory. Look for the "[Engine.GameInfo]" heading, then enter the line "bCheatsEnabled=True" below it. Then, look for the "[Engine.Console]" heading and change the "ConsoleKey=0" line to "ConsoleKey=192". Then, press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Also, there is no confirmation that a code has been entered correctly.

-You have to reset the cheats every time you play (i.e., retype everything with the exception of the line "bCheatsEnabled=True").You must move it under "[Engine.Console]" and must re-enter "ConsoleKey=192" in order for the console and the cheats to work properly in the game.

-By changing the "default.ini" file as well as "bia.ini", you do not have to change it back when you restart your game; it simply rewrites "bia.ini" from "default.ini".

God mode - god
Flight mode - fly
No clipping mode - noclip
Disable flight and no clipping mode - walk
All weapons - allweapons
Ghost mode - ghost
Extra ammunition - allammo
Togle invisibility - invisible <0 or 1>
Kils everything - killall
Get all items - loaded
Remove all items - unloaded
Select map - loadspmap
Old movie mode - oldmovie
Spawn indicated item - summon
Toggle blind AI - blindai <0 or 1>
Toggle deaf AI - deafai <0 or 1>
Toggle blind enemies - blindenemies <0 or1>
Toggle deaf enemies - deafenemies <0 or 1>
God mode for squad - supersquad
Unknown - lightperiod
Unknown - lightcone
Unknown - getfirstmission
Unknown - pawnanimextra
Unknown - soundocclusion
Unknown - smiteevil
Unknown - avata

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