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Buccaneer Cheats "Steam achievements" (PC)


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Steam achievements

Anchor of Trepidation - Complete all missions in the Isles of the Dead.
Arrow of the Loyalist - Play every multiplayer map for one faction.
Barnacle of Cannonball Attraction - Get sunk 10 times in a multiplayer game.
Binnacle of Bounty - Return an enemy Treasure Boat to port.
Catch of the Day - Pick up a Merchant Cargo.
Certificate of Plank Walking - Achieve Mutinous Morale.
Chest of Riches - Reach 10000 gold.
Cringle of Responsibility - Buy a new ship.
Crown of Terror - Gain 1000 points in a multiplayer game.
Cutlass of Fear - Gain 500 points in a multiplayer game.
Eyepatch of Identification - Sink a friendly ship in a multiplayer game.
Flotsam of the Foresaken - Sink 10 ships in a single level.
Goblet of Congeniality - Host 10 multiplayer games.
Hammock of Inconsideration - Discover the Isles of the Dead.
Hand of Davey Jones - Sink 1000 ships.
Hourglass of the Illustrious - Attain Perfect Morale.
Keg of Hospitality - Host 100 mutiplayer games.
Key of Cutlass Bay - Complete the campaign.
Libram of the Curator - Unlock every ship in the game.
Mizzen of Doom - Sink 500 ships.
Mug of Friendship - Host a multiplayer game.
Pennant of Persecution - Sink 100 ships.
Pipe of Exploit - Sink 5 ships in a multiplayer game.
Purse of Plenty - Reach 5000 gold.
Quill of Calling - Reach 5000 Infamy.
Ring of Fable - Sink 20 ships in a multiplayer game.
Rudder of the Mercenary - Play every multiplayer map for both factions.
Seal of Vocation - Reach 20000 Infamy.
Shovel of Desecration - Recover the remains of Captain McGowan.
Signet of Avowal - Reach 10000 Infamy.
Snuffbox of Renown - Sink a Widowmaker in a multiplayer game.
Spanner of Foresight - Upgrade a ship to maximum stats.
Splinter of Competency - Sink a ship.
Star of Heroism - Sink 10 ships in a multiplayer game.
Tankard of Infamy - Sink a Goddess in a multiplayer game.
Tower of Midas - Reach 20000 gold.
Valediction of Sacrifice - Sink an enemy ship with a suicide ship.

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