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Bud Redhead: The Time Chase Cheats "Level Passwords" (PC)


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Level Passwords

Access the following levels by entering the corresponding passwords:

Forest 1-2 - Light Blue, Brown, Dark Blue, Green, Green
Forest 1-3 - Dark Blue, Green, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Forest 1-4 - Green, Red, Red, Brown, Dark Blue
Forest 1-5 - Light Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Light Blue
Egypt 2-1 - Red, Brown, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Egypt 2-2 - Brown, Light Blue, Red, Green, Brown
Egypt 2-3 - Green, Dark Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Blue
Egypt 2-4 - Green, Light Blue, Light Blue, Red, Light Blue
Egypt 2-5 - Dark Blue, Brown, Brown, Red, Green
Castle 3-1 - Red, Green, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Castle 3-2 - Green, Green, Brown, Light Blue, Brown
Castle 3-3 - Light Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Brown
Castle 3-4 - Brown, Dark Blue, Brown, Light Blue, Green
Castle 3-5 - Green, Red, Red, Light Blue, Red
Spaceship 4-1 - Dark Blue, Red, Green, Green, Red
Spaceship 4-2 - Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Dark Blue
Spaceship 4-3 - Brown, Light Blue, Red, Light Blue, Green
Spaceship 4-4 - Red, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Spaceship 4-5 - Brown, Light Blue, Brown, Green, Light Blue
Boss - Light Blue, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Red

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